Indeed. I think most of us like our brains when they are functioning at their best, though it can be very difficult to know exactly what that is without experimenting with different relative intensities. And what a world it would be if we were lacking in hallucinatory substances! That would probably mean no television or internet, no alcohol or coffee, no stories, no dreams, and probably no sadness, no anger, and no pride. All of these things alter our states of consciousness and we have a variety of ways to exert control and influence over them, but I'm not sure that we could get rid of them entirely. Pure sobriety likely belongs only to rocks and trees. But don't they even say that trees communicate and have feeling? Is the tree that feels, and the man that thinks and speaks just a constantly altering extension of that which feels and thinks, i.e., the universe? Might a person, an animal, be a hallucinatory act committed by the universe?

Or is the universe much simpler, just a room we are inhabiting with a top and bottom and sides, a world with a limit which is there but which we have somehow not yet managed to reach?

And if the universe is a simple container like a cabinet full of pots and pans, what is a black hole? Where does it fit in your analogy?

I appreciate you and your willingness to engage.


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