I'm not sure if this is trivial or a sign of philosophical or conceptual divergence.

How can the universe be separate from the things it has produced and are "within" it? At what point did the universe separate itself into distinct parts? And who is the determiner of the finality of those parts' distinction? Is the universe a container of disparate objects that are disconnected from it?

And is the answer to the any of these things a fact or an opinion?

And I don't ask these questions to be an annoying college stoner or a child endlessly asking 'why' - I legitimately think they are substantial questions.

I also think the philosophers Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze would have an interesting angle on the article in question. I don't disagree about the invalidity of its 'science' but it seems that it might be valid, or at least worthy of consideration, from angles that are not scientific in the precise ways that we have defined 'science'.

As a meta-question - if we were friends having this conversation over a cup of coffee or a beer - I would ask how your experiences of altered states of consciousness have affected your views of what is valid and invalid, or 'pseudo' and worthy of consideration.

Interesting questions, all!


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