Another reason that Americans may be so hypervigilant, paranoid, and intolerant of critique is that many Americans haven't experienced anything outside of American culture. Unlike Europe, where many cultures interact with each other, America's 'melting pot' doesn't actually experience itself that way. Most Americans who are born here, raised here, and haven't traveled much, don't have much of an idea of what makes America distinct. Of course, our cultural mythology of exceptionalism leads many people to believe that America is superior to every other place.

So, if you offer any criticism of America you are confronting an American with the…

Whiteness is a kind of private property in the system that figures whiteness as a value. The system of whiteness creates a market based on the commodification of bodies through arbitrary distinctions. Whiteness seeks to define the earth by instituting a system of purely human (contingent, arbitrary) meaning. It lowers the earth to the level of the human rather than raising the human to the level of the earth. Whiteness believes in things that the reality of the earth cannot and does not support, like the falsification of the body through the meanings attributed to “race,” and so is a system at odds with the earth, a system forever at war with the earth and what it provides.

Kameron Bashi


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